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Affiliated Faculty at Cambridge

  • Professor Michael Barrett

    Michael's research interests span IT management, services outsourcing, and globalisation. He explores how companies can effectively manage cross-cultural teams as they outsource/offshore more work emerging talent-rich nations like India.
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  • Professor Dame Sandra Dawson

    Sandra is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge and the Chair of the Cambridge India Partnership. Sandra is actively working towards strengthening relationships between the Cambridge community and business, academic, and policy leaders in India.
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  • Dr Allègre Hadida

    An expert in arts, cultural and media management, Allègre studies the performance and competitiveness in the global entertainment industry. She is keen to explore the globalisation of Bollywood, the Indian film sector.
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  • Dr Helen Haugh

    An expert in social entrepreneurship, Helen studies the dynamics of community enterprise in rural, coastal and urban communities. She is also responsible for the Tata International Social Entrepreneurship Scheme 2008, which allows University of Cambridge students to work on social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility projects within the Tata Group of Companies in India.
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  • Dr Sriya Iyer

    Sriya research interests are in development economics and applied microeconomics, focusing on the economics of religion, rationality, economic demography and education in South Asia. She explores differences in the demography and socio-economic characteristics of religious groups in India.
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  • Dr Paul Kattuman

    Paul is the Director of the Doctoral Programme at Cambrdge Judge Business School. His research interests include applied econometrics and statistics and co-operative game theory applications. Prior to beginning his academic career, he was an economist in the Indian civil service.
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  • Dr Kamal Munir

    A senior lecturer in strategy, Kamal's research focuses on technological and institutional change. He also investigates the competitive, cultural and organisational challenges that managers face in emerging economies.
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  • Dr Eoin O'Sullivan

    Eoin's research interests span science and technology policy; university-industry collaborative R&D programmes; and R&D foreign direct investment. He explores the drivers, strategies and network structures associated with the globalisation of corporate R&D across talent-rich economies.
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  • Dr Kishore Sengupta

    A Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, Kishore has served as advisor on several projects with the US Government Department of Defense and NASA, and has consulted with organisations in Silicon Valley and Hong Kong.
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  • Professor Paul Tracey

    Paul's research interests include entrepreneurship, institutions and institutional change, social innovation, and regional innovation. He studies how entrepreneurs can create social and/or commercial value in emerging markets such as India.
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  • Dr Bhaskar Vira

    Bhaskar's research examines the changing economic dynamics of development in India, as well as the social and political dimensions of development and change. On-going research includes work on the ITES-BPO sector and the 'new' service economy in India, business and poverty issues, and the landuse implications of recent economic liberalisation.
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  • Dr Shailendra Vyakarnam

    As the former Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL), Shai's passion is in teaching entrepreneurship and helping businesses unleash their innovation potential. A chartered member of The Indus Entrepreneurs and board member of the UK-India Business Council, Shai is keen to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of Indian companies.
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  • Dr Chander Velu

    An expert in business model innovation, Chander is a Lecturer in Economics of Industrial Systems. Previously, Chander worked as a consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Booz Allen Hamilton. He is in the process of identifying innovative business models emanating from India.
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  • Professor Geoff Walsham

    A emeritus professor of management studies, Geoff conducts research on the development, use and management of information and communication technologies - both in developed and emerging markets. Geoff has been studying India for many years, most recently working on information for action in the Indian public health sector.
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The Centre for India & Global Business is an important component of Cambridge University's long-standing, ongoing partnership with India. Visit the Cambridge India Partnership website to find out more about Cambridge University's many other engagements with India, and discover the broader set of faculty members conducting research work on India.

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