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Project Reports


Tata ISES: Titan Industries Limited CSR (Education) Project Report (pdf, 166KB)
MacLean Sarbah


Our TMC-Journey (& Beyond) (pdf, 1.43KB)
Karolina Gombert & Robin van Dalen

Impact Assessment of TCSRD's Agricultural, Watershed & Water Resource Management Projects on the Livelihood of Farmers in the Okhamandal Taluka (pdf, 1.29MB)
Nicholas Millet


Evaluation of Carbon Footprint Calculators (pdf, 64KB)
Maria Guerra-Arias

Impact Assessment of Tata Steel Interventions in the Economic & Social Aspects of the Community in 23 Villages of the Saraikela-Kharswan Area (pdf, 388KB)
Rosie Oglesby

Rallis India Limited: Impact Assessment of CSR Activities in Lote & Finding a Way Forward (pdf, 760KB)
Alexandra Trochtova


Development of a Sustainable Business Model for Truck Driver Training (pdf, 12KB)
Andreas Blum

An Assessment of the 'PKK' and its Sustainability as a Rural Entrepreneur of Health and Sanitation Products (pdf, 8KB)
Dominic Burke

Okhamandal Education Roadmap (pdf, 8KB)
Samantha Button

Taj Safaris (pdf, 8KB)
George Chalmers

Sustainable Livelihoods through Agricultural Intervention in Gunnaur Tehsil (pdf, 8KB)
Tom Hegarty

Biomass Feasibility Assessment for Mulshi Community Micro-plant (pdf, 646KB)
James Vaux


Land Reclamation Program on Poverty Alleviation (pdf, 940KB)
Nicholas Evans

SHGs with a Specific Focus on the Need for Market Linkages and Business Professionalism (pdf, 2MB)
Sian Herschel

The Human Development Index (HDI) (pdf, 220KB)
David Nefs

SRTT-CInI Project: Enhancing Livelihoods of Tribal Peoples in Jharkhand through Agricultural Land and Water Management (pdf, 126KB)
Andrew Panton

Corporate Sustainability (pdf, 2MB)
Alka Talwar

Lift Irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting in the Tribal Villages of Jharkhand State, and Insight into the CSR Activities of Tata Motors, Jamshedpur, India (pdf, 1.41MB)
Rosalynne Sophie Watt


Financial Linkage and Monitoring System for Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme (REDP) (pdf, 2.03MB)
Valerie Fitton-Kane

Develop a Conceptual Framework for Women's Economic Empowerment in Relation to TCSRD's Female SHGs (pdf, 1.13MB)
Selene Gittings

Income Enhancement through Animal Husbandry (pdf, 359KB)
Grant Jackson

Business Plan for a Cluster-based Enterprise and SHG Federation Road Map (pdf, 460KB)
Lee E. Nordstrum

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